Well Built Cargo Trailers to be used for Concession Businesses or personal use as a toy hauler or work trailer

Posted by James Osborne on

There are a lot of trailer options out there ranging in prices. To make sure you are getting the right trailer to get the job done there are a few key aspects to pay attention to. A well built steel constructed trailer will be made with a tubular steel mainframe. Another key construction aspect is the type of wood used in the walls and floor. High grade plywood is a very important durable component and a place where some manufacturers will use lower quality materials such as OSB. When looking at optioned trailers, such as concession, toy haulers and campers you want to make sure that the finishing is completely sealed off. This is especially important when purchasing a concession trailer. This will keep many counties from approving the trailer or food truck for code. Another important component to pay attention to is what type of plumbing the manufacturer uses for your sinks. You want to see that they are using food grade approved PVC plumbing. When looking at electrical it is important that the wires are sealed and away from any potential water. Warranties range from 30 days to 5 years, it's important to chose a manufacturer that backs up their product. Trailers can be a big investment for your personal use and business use. Use these aspects to help you choose the right trailer for you. 


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